The Grammar of Fantasy: An Introduction to the Art of Inventing Stories

Author: Gianni Rodari, illustrated by Matthew Forsythe, translated by Jack Zipes

Hardback |

From the father of modern Italian children’s literature, a guide to fairy tales and their potential for teaching creative storytelling to children, with radiant illustrations from Matt Forsythe and a refreshed translation from Jack Zipes. (52 pages)


ISBN: 9781592703050 | Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books (USA) | Published: 2024

Category: Writing / Editing / Publishing

A groundbreaking pedagogical work that is also a handbook for writers of all ages and kinds, The Grammar of Fantasy offers a playful, practical path to finding your own voice through the power of storytelling. Full of ideas, glosses on fairy tales, stories, and wide-ranging activities, this book changed how the creative arts were taught in Italian schools.Gianni Rodari is not only revered as a children's author, but also remembered for his visionary pedagogy, and it is these two fields he combines in this revolutionary work.Translated into English by acclaimed scholar of folklore and children's literature Jack Zipes, and with original art from illustrator Matthew Forsythe, this edition of The Grammar of Fantasy is one to live with and return to for its humor, intelligence, and remarkable understanding of children.