Oxford Guide to Plain English

Author: Martin Cutts

Paperback |

Offers practical guidelines to help readers make their writing clearer by improving structure, word choice, grammar, punctuation, and layout. This fifth revised edition gives expert and up-to-date advice on all aspects of the writing process, from planning the material successfully to writing in the most user-friendly way. (384 pages)


ISBN: 9780198844617 | Publisher: Oxford University Press (UK) | Published: 2020

Category: Writing / Editing / Publishing

Plain English is the art of writing clearly, concisely, and in a way that precisely communicates your message to your intended audience. This book offers expert advice to help writers of all abilities improve their written English. With 30 chapters, each centred around a practical guideline, its coverage is extensive, including lessons on vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, layout, proofreading, and organization. There are also hundreds of real examples to show how it's done, with handy 'before' and 'after' versions. All this is presented in a straightforward and engaging way. This new edition has been fully revised, reorganized, and updated to make its content even more accessible. There are new chapters discussing customer-service writing and common blunders in the workplace, while other sections have been amended to update examples and provide easier routes through the book. The chapter on sexism, in particular, has been heavily expanded to advise on the use of inclusive language in general. A new appendix has also been added, summarising the history of plain English from Chaucer to the present day.