Lonely Planet How to be a Travel Writer

Author: Lonely Planet, Don George

Paperback |

Bursting with invaluable advice, this fully updated guide (4th edition) is a must for anyone who has ever yearned to turn their travels into saleable tales. Travel writer Don George and editor Janine Eberle offer tips on everything from research, interviewing and blogging to pitching to publications and getting your name in print. (272 pages)


ISBN: 9781786578662 | Publisher: Lonely Planet Global Limited (Ireland) | Published: 2017

Category: Writing / Editing / Publishing

Bursting with invaluable advice, this inspiring and practical guide, fully revised and updated in this new edition, is a must for anyone who yearns to write about travel - whether they aspire to make their living from it or simply enjoy jotting in a journal for posterity.You don't have to make money to profit from travel writing. Sometimes, the richest rewards are in the currency of experience. How to be a Travel Writer reveals the varied possibilities that travel writing offers and inspires all travellers to take advantage of those opportunities. That's where the journey begins - where it takes you is up to you. Let legendary travel writer Don George show you the way with his invaluable tips on: The secrets of crafting a great travel story, How to conduct pre-trip and on-the-road research, Effective interviewing techniques, How to get your name in print (and money in your bank account), Quirks of writing for newspapers, magazines, online and books, Extensive listings of writers' resources and industry organisations, Interviews with established writers, editors and agents.