Tree Dogs, Banshee Fingers and Other Irish Words for Nature

Author: Manchán Magan

Hardback | New

A magical illustrated collection of Irish words for the natural world from the author of the bestseller, Thirty-Two Words for Field. Illustrated by Steve Doogan.


ISBN: 9780717192557 | Publisher: Gill Books (Ireland) | Published: 2021

Category: Children's nonfiction, Discover Irish Children's Books, Ireland, Ireland, Language, Natural history

In Irish there are so many great rain words and magic words and highly specific natural words (such as the material put on the hooves of donkeys to stop them slipping in ice), or words to communicate with animals, or evocative plant words, or the gorgeous words for different amounts of light in the sky, or words that hint at different ways of seeing colour, or twilight words'

Manchán Magan is fascinated by words, particularly Irish words, with all of their complex meanings and associations and their connections to the natural world. Having enjoyed huge success with his bestselling book Thirty-Two Words for Field, Manchán now brings his infectious wonder and enthusiasm for the Irish language to a younger audience, offering delightful translations and explanations of animal, bird, fish, insect and nature words. When you see the world through Irish, you see the world differently. Get ready to share the magic with this delightful book for readers of all ages.