RSPB ID Spotlight – Butterflies

Author: Marianne Taylor

Fold-out chart | New

A reliable fold-out chart that presents illustrations of all 57 of the UK’s resident butterflies by renowned artist Richard Lewington.


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ISBN: 9781472974266 | Publisher: Bloomsbury Wildlife (UK) | Published: 2020

Category: Butterflies, Natural history

Whether you are admiring a butterfly flying high up in the tree canopy or basking on a plant in your garden, butterflies are some of our most captivating and beautiful insects. But could you recognise a Scotch Argus from a Mountain Ringlet? Or distinguish between a Small Tortoiseshell and a Comma? These are just a few of the 57 resident butterfly species that are attracted to the UK's gardens to feed and, in the case of females, lay their eggs. Species are grouped by family and helpfully labelled to assist with identification - Artworks are shown side by side for quick comparison and easy reference at home or in the field. The reverse of the chart provides information on the habitats, behaviour, life cycles and diets of our butterflies, as well as the conservation issues they are facing and how the RSPB and other conservation charities are working to support them - Practical tips on how to create a butterfly-friendly garden are also included The ID Spotlight charts help wildlife enthusiasts identify and learn more about our most common species using accurate colour illustrations and informative, accessible text.