Sounds Fake But Okay: An Asexual and Aromantic Perspective on Love, Relationships, Sex, and Pretty Much Anything Else

Author: Sarah Costello, Kayla Kaszyca

Paperback |

Drawing on personal anecdotes and interviews with the ace community, Sarah and Kayla are here to help you unlearn the norms of an allo world, navigate and nurture your relationships, and become more confident in your aspec identity. (160 pages)


ISBN: 9781839970016 | Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (UK) | Published: 2023

Category: Gender studies, LGBTQ+

'Somehow, over time, we forgot that the rituals behind dating and sex were constructs made up by human beings and eventually, they became hard and fast rules that society imposed on us all.'True Love. Third Wheels. Dick pics. 'Dying alone'. Who decided this was normal?Sarah and Kayla invite you to put on your purple aspec glasses - and rethink everything you thought you knew about society, friendship, sex, romance and more.Drawing on their personal stories, and those of aspec friends all over the world, prepare to explore your microlabels, investigate different models of partnership, delve into the intersection of gender norms and compulsory sexuality and reconsider the meaning of sex - when allosexual attraction is out of the equation.Spanning the whole range of relationships we have in our lives - to family, friends, lovers, society, our gender, and ourselves, this book asks you to let your imagination roam, and think again what human connection really is. Includes exclusive 'Sounds Fake But Okay' podcast episodes.