Queer Heroes of Myth and Legend: A celebration of gay gods, sapphic saints, and queerness through the ages

Author: Dan Jones

Hardback |

Featuring 50 profiles and select B&W illustrated portraits, Queer Heroes of Myth and Legend is a celebration of gay gods and goddesses, sapphic saints, misunderstood mermen, lesbians of legend and transgender trailblazers. (Interest age from 13 years.) (240 pages)


ISBN: 9781804190463 | Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group (UK) | Published: 2023

Category: Folklore / Mythology / Legends, LGBTQ+

Hidden in the margins of history books, classical literature, and thousands of years of stories, myths and legends, through to contemporary literature, TV and film, there is a diverse and other-worldly super community of queer heroes to discover, learn from, and celebrate. Be captivated by stories of forbidden love like Patroclus and Achilles, join the cult of Antinous (inspiration for Oscar Wilde), get down with pansexual god Set in Egyptian myth, and fall for Zimbabwe's trans God Mawi. And from modern pop-culture, through Dan Jones's witty, upbeat style, learn more about 90s fan obsessions Xena: Warrior Princess and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Neil Gaiman's American Gods and the BBC's Doctor Who. Queer Heroes of Myth and Legend brings to life characters who are romantic, brave, mysterious, and always fantastical. It is a magnificent celebration of queerness through the ages in all its legendary glory.