Self-editing for Self-publishers: Incorporating: A Style Guide for Fiction

Author: Richard Bradburn

Paperback |

A comprehensive modern manual on how to self-edit your book. (412 pages)


ISBN: 9781838016500 | Publisher: Reen Publishing (Ireland) | Published: 2020

Category: Discover Irish Books and Authors, Writing / Editing / Publishing

Written by a professional editor, this book gives you a clear and easy-to-follow process that mirrors the editing that a traditionally published book undergoes.Broken down into structural, sentence-level and proofreading stages, each section is copiously illustrated with before-and-after edited examples.In it, you will find answers to all the commonly asked questions, like: Should I have a prologue?, How do I punctuate dialogue properly?, How many characters are too many characters?, How do I write thoughts?, Is passive voice always wrong?Included in the appendices are useful guides to other problematic issues: how to use beta readers; how to write a synopsis; what to look for when hiring an editor; pros and cons of editing software.This book will make you a better writer, and save you money on professional editing fees.