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The Burren Troll by Alex Molloy (aged 11 years)

Once upon a summer time, there was an affectionate, compassionate, courteous and friendly dragon. He was called Mullagh Rua. He was married to a deas dragon called Rhona. They lived in the heart of The Burren, County Clare. They had a little egg and watched over it day and night. It was to be their first leanbh.

One day they woke up to find their egg was missing . They looked high and low throughout The Burren, passing foxes, hares, butterflies agus purple orchids along the way. Eventually they noticed a strange figure in the distance. As they got closer, they realised it was a troll. The troll was sitting on a large tin box.

“I believe you are looking for something precious!” sneered the troll. “I’m sitting on it !”

“Please, please, give us our egg back!” begged Mullagh Rua agus Rhona.

“I suppose I could make a deal!” mused the troll. “I live in a small cave near the dolmen. During winter it gets fairly fuar. You have fire, I have shelter. If you agree to light a fire for me during winter, I will release your egg and share my shelter.”

Mullagh Rua, Rhona agus an troll agreed. The troll handed back the tin with their beautiful egg safe inside.

Shortly afterwards the egg hatched and the troll went to congratulate the proud parents. They all became wonderful friends!

Never judge a book by its cover nor a troll by its appearance!

Kindness can be magical!

The next time you visit The Burren, keep an eye out for large odd-shaped footprints. You never know who you will meet along the loop trails.