Wild Things

Author: Laura Kay

Hardback |

Will a year of wild things make these friends into lovers? The perfect will-they-won’t-they romance from the author of The Split and Tell Me Everything. (352 pages)


ISBN: 9781529424584 | Publisher: Quercus Publishing (UK) | Published: 2023

Category: Adult fiction, LGBTQ+

El Evans is stuck in a dead-end job, hopelessly in unrequited love with her best friend, Ray, and in need of a major life change. After a New Year's resolution to 'Be More Wild', El is soon in possession of one (small) tattoo, one (bad) hangover and memories of one (very disappointing) threesome. . . but she's trying and surely it can only get better? So when a plan is hatched for El, Ray and their two closest friends - newly heartbroken Will and Instagram darling Jamie - to ditch the big city and move out to a ramshackle house in the middle of the English countryside, El can hardly say no. This is her big chance for a fresh start, the perfect wild thing. But living in close proximity to the love of your life without letting on isn't as easy as El might think.