Wolf-Men and Water Hounds: The Myths, Monsters and Magic of Ireland

Author: Manchán Magan

Hardback | New

Look closer at the most magical places in Ireland with this beautiful book inspired by Listen to the Land Speak. Illustrated by Steve Doogan.


ISBN: 9780717196111 | Publisher: Gill Books (Ireland) | Published: 2023

Category: Children's nonfiction, Discover Irish Children's Books, History, Ireland, Mythology

Uncover the secrets of our island in this engrossing look at magical landmarks across the country. Travelling province by province through Ireland, Manchán outlines the stories most closely associated with each site, focussing on a specific beast or creature from legend and highlighting a magical word or phrase in Irish alongside.

Discover the dobharchú or water hound of Achill Island; the enchanted sow Cailcheir of Sligo's Keash Caves; the Burren's ollphéist or great serpent; the Caoránach or hairy worm of Lough Derg; the one-eyed salmon of Ballyshannon; and the man wolves of Ossory, County Kilkenny, amongst many others. This stunning gift book is a feast for the eyes for Manchán fans of all ages.